Folens Explorers SESE print and digital school books 3rd to 6th class

What Explorers offers you

  • A combined Geography & Science book and a separate History book
  • Supporting digital resources and curated weblinks for every unit
  • Teacher’s Guides that provide ideas for hands-on learning
  • Yearly schemes and editable unit plans
  • NEW Stem Challenges, Assessments, and Termly Quizzes


Explorers | SESE | 3rd-6th Class Curated Weblinks

Age-Appropriate Digital Resources 

  • Each unit begins with a Digital Stimulus 
  • This includes an image and questions to introduce the topic and engage children 
  • Our authors put together a collection of the best resources available for every topic, listing them as handy clickable links to save you time 
  • These weblinks include videos to bring topics to life, interactive resources to aid understanding, sources of evidence to examine and child-friendly, trusted site for children to conduct further research 

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Explorers SESE STEM challenges | science and engineering

New for 2021


  • STEM Challenges 1st-6th: 4 for each class. Problems to be solved linked to the topics explored in each book that will require design and make skills.
  • Termly Quizzes 1st-6th: 4 for each class. Interactive quizzes, including multiple-choice questions and two skills activities based on the content covered in each term.
  • Assessments 3rd-6th: 2 for each class. Editable and printable assessments, including sample answers, based on the content in each book.
Folens Explorers SESE 3rd to 6th class

Programme Walk Through

  • There are 16 units of work for each subject
  • Paired units across History, Geography and Science for meaningful integration
  • Each unit includes an introduction to help children understand what they are learning and WHY
  • Skills activities can be found throughout each unit
  • A huge variety of topics are covered, old favourites and new ones!

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