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The latest edition of Active Maths 3 (3rd edition) is more concise than ever, while still covering all the essential syllabus and exam content.  It has been carefully revised to cater to the wide-ranging abilities of the Ordinary Level classroom, with a student-friendly approach. 

Active Maths 3 has been written by an experienced author team. Its’ perfect blend of teaching resources makes it a firm favourite in classrooms nationwide.  

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Differentiation and student-friendly focus

  • Every exercise with regraded questions 
  • Difficulty levels are marked so you can assign work based on individual ability 
  • It’s pitched at students  

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The right angle on exam preparation

  • Sample exam paper and solutions are available online 
  • New questions based on recent exam papers 
  • Worked solutions videos for key exam topics - New 

Worked solution: Quadratic Functions


PowerPoints, Geogebras, and Solutions 

  • PowerPoints for each textbook exercise (with and without worked solutions for in-class use) 
  • Geogebra interactivities for geometry, algebra, graphing, statistics, and calculus 
  • Printed Solutions Book with detailed worked solutions  

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Author Team

Homework Space Junior Cycle Irish folens readymade homework

An Expert author team


  • Mike Keating
  • Derek Mulvany
  • James O’Loughlin

Special advisers:

  • Colin Townsend
  • Jim McElroy
  • Oliver Murphy

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Webinar for Maths Teachers: Problem-Solving for Leaving Cert Ordinary Level Students

Michael Keating and Jim McElroy, experienced teachers and authors, share problem solving techniques for Leaving Cert Ordinary Level students. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to help your students tackle Maths problems and the exam with confidence.

Oliver Murphy explains why you should choose Active Maths 3 (3rd edition)

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Teaching package


Teaching package:

Authored by a successful team of educators, writers, and examiners. 

  • Revised, concise student textbook with all the essential content
  • PowerPoints for every exercise, worked solution videos and lots more digital resources
  • Printed Solutions Book with worked solutions
  • Student eBook

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