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  • Extensive planning support in our comprehensive Teacher’s Guide 
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  • Supplementary digital resources to support lessons 

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Stay up to the minute! 

A lot has happened in the past five years. The latest edition of Make a Difference! is completely up to date with recent events such as Covid-19, Brexit and climate action. 

Includes profiles of young activists such as Greta Thunberg, William Kamkwamba and Emma Watson. 

Lessons can be supplemented with our termly newsletters which are jam-packed with topical content.  

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Syllabus Alignment and Choice 

  • Flexibility to teach both the CSPE short course specification and the old traditional CSPE syllabus
  • Lessons are clearly mapped to the course 
  • Support to teach CSPE as part of Junior Cycle Wellbeing and what is means to be a ‘Well Citizen’

Author Expertise

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An Expert Author Team you can trust 

Conor Harrison is a leading name in CSPE. He was National Coordinator for CSPE in-service for 14 years and a member of the NCCA Course Committee which prepared the Junior Cycle CSPE short-course specification. Conor teaches at Maynooth University and UCD. 

Máirín Wilson is a name synonymous with citizenship studies in Ireland. She has taught CSPE and has been involved with the subject for almost 25 years. She has conducted extensive research into the CSPE action plan. Máirín currently lectures part-time at DCU and delivers the PME ‘CSPE within Wellbeing’ course at Trinity College Dublin. 

Webinar for CSPE Teachers

We hosted a webinar for CSPE teachers with authors Conor Harrison and Máirín Wilson. Conor and Máirín have taken a fresh look at being a young citizen in the world today. In this webinar, they shared insights into teaching, assessing and making the most of your engagement with your students.


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“I would like to commend how good the new edition of Make a Difference is. It is so relevant and up to date. It has a lot of useful information and resources in it.” 

Amanda Dermody, Presentation De La Salle College, Co. Carlow

Winning Wellbeing for Junior Cycle Wellbeing

Winning Wellbeing is a Junior Cycle publication that has been written to support the development of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing in students. It is also designed to help schools meet the 400-hour minimum requirement for Junior Cycle Wellbeing.

Find out more about Winning Wellbeing

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