The Winning Wellbeing Package!

  • A new, engaging approach to develop students’ wellbeing skills
  • Simple, consistent structure
  • Variety and choice in every lesson
  • Comprehensive teacher support
  • Maps to the six wellbeing indicators

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Junior Cycle Wellbeing

Winning Wellbeing is a Junior Cycle publication that has been written to support the development of mental, emotional and physical wellbeing in students. It is also designed to help schools meet the 400-hour minimum requirement for Junior Cycle Wellbeing, which it does through a set of student-friendly lessons that cover topics different to CSPE, SPHE and PE.


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Simple structure: A straightforward, consistent four-page structure in each lesson makes it easy to follow.

Achievable and flexible: The book is structured with the school calendar in mind. There are 28 short lessons – achievable within a class and within the school year.

Engaging: A strong emphasis on experiential learning and reflection will help students to develop wellbeing skills that they can take with them into later school and adult life.



Variety and choice: Every lesson offers a range of activities, so you can select the activities that are best suited to your class.

Teacher support: The lessons have been carefully written to support teachers of all experience levels to cover sometimes serious, always important topics.

Alignment to wellbeing indicators: The book is aligned to the six indicators of wellbeing: Active, Aware, Connected, Resilient, Respected, Responsible.


Author Expertise

Author Expertise

Siobhán Hackett is a Learning Support Coordinator in the Ursuline Secondary School Thurles, where she teaches Learning Support, Art and SPHE. Aside from her teaching qualifications, she holds a professional certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and is a certified Self-Esteem Elevation Coach and Mindfulness Teacher. Siobhán is also the best-selling co-author of Shine: A Girl’s Guide to Thriving (Not Just Surviving) in Real Life.

Check out the Winning Wellbeing book

Wellbeing Webinar for Post-Primary Teachers

Siobhán Hackett offers wellbeing advice and shares tips for teachers on how to look after yourself during the busy back to school period.


Siobhán, who is the author of Winning Wellbeing, also provides guidance to teachers tasked with implementing an effective wellbeing programme in their school. 

Wellbeing Package

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Wellbeing Package

Expert programmes for all junior cycle wellbeing subjects.

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"Winning Wellbeing empowers students to take care of their wellbeing and build on life skills to help them navigate the teenage years. It is also a very pro teacher resource that understands how busy teachers are and helps make their life much easier with its easy to follow practical content."

Michael Carey, SEN and Wellbeing teacher
Winning Wellbeing teacher testimonial

"Winning Wellbeing is a superb resource. As a text, it is stylishly presented and easy to navigate. Most importantly though, it offers learners a comprehensive and accessible exploration of key concepts. This is a valuable tool for both teachers and students alike as Wellbeing is embedded in schools." 

Daniel Kirby, Deputy Principal
Dive in JC English teacher

"A fantastic textbook! Each lesson has clear learning intentions, allows for student reflection is student-centred, engaging and will help students develop strategies to deal with the challenges and stresses they face. The easy-to-follow, practical layout will cut down considerably on teachers’ workloads. An invaluable resource for all wellbeing teachers!" 

Deirdre Frend, Wellbeing Coordinator