PM digital collections

PM Digital Collections

PM eCollection

The PM eCollection consists of over 400 eBooks taken from the PM collection all of which have been completely redesigned for compatibility with any device. It comprises three pillars: The ContentThe eReader App, and The Website.

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PM Guided Reading Planner

The Guided Reading Planner is a central online platform where all teachers within a school can access supportive Teacher's Notes and Student Activities for 1000+ PM Guided Reading books from Level 1 to 30.

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PM Benchmark Assessment resource - 2020

NEW PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment 

The world-class PM Benchmark Literacy kit equips you with accurate and robust tools to identify childrens' instructional and independent reading levels using fiction and non-fiction texts. A first of its kind, it offers in-depth guidance and support to confidently assess literacy skills and strategies for Levels 1-30, Pre-Level 1, and Post-Level 30. 

PM Literacy - My Family reader - meticulously levelled

Meticulously Levelled - the PM Way 

For guided reading success, books need to be accurately levelled. PM readers are organised according to a continuum of increasing difficulty.

On every page, the authors have taken special care with sentence structure, layout, illustrations, and use of vocabulary and high-frequency words to ensure a gentle learning gradient for pupils. Every PM reader is reading recovery/book banded approved from levels 1-30.

PM Reading Level Chart

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PM guided reading readers & cards from Folens Literacy

PM Readers and Guided Reading Cards 

With over 1,000 levelled readers to choose from, PM readers have one of the largest selections of levelled readers on the market. They are used extensively worldwide and are suited to reading initiatives such as Reading Recovery, Literacy Lift Off (also known as Power Hour), or any other literacy scheme. 

The range includes readers from the following series

  • PM guided readers (NEW)  
  • PM Stars 
  • PM gems

Plus many, many more

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PM writing from Folens Literacy

PM Writing 

PM writing is the only comprehensive levelled writing program on the market and provides a whole-school solution to the sequential introduction of the key text types and systematic instruction in writing. It consists of Big Books, Teacher Resource Books, digital resources, and levelled readers. 

PM Oral Literacy from Folens Literacy

PM Oral Literacy 

PM Oral Literacy provides children with the essential skills and strategies they need to become confident speakers and effective listeners, which is in line with PDST guidelines. The series spans from Junior Infants to 6th Class from Emergent, Early, Developing, Consolidating, and Extending. 

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