FolensHIVE is our exciting new app for student eBooks!

We make eBooks for the majority of our Post-Primary student textbooks.

FolensHIVE will bring you:

  • Improved speed
  • Availability on phones
  • In app redemption of additional Folens eBooks

How to access your Folens eBooks

Go to FolensHIVE

New eBook users: register with FolensHIVE.

Current eBook users: you may have received an email from us to let you know that our app was changing. You can use the same username but must update your password.

All eBook users: We need one of your parents or legal guardians, to confirm their consent for you to access our eBooks, under the rules of GDPR. You just need to include one of your parent’s email addresses when you are registering or updating your password. Your parent will receive an email with a link to confirm.

Customer service team


Get in touch with our Customer Service Team to help with your eBook questions

01 4137200