Support reading at school and at home with PM eCollection

PM eCollection

The PM eCollection consists of over 350 eBooks taken from the PM collection all of which have been completely redesigned for compatibility with any device. It re-imagines guided and independent reading for the digital age. The PM eCollection comprises three pillars: The ContentThe eReader App, and The Website.

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Watch our short overview of the PM eCollection

PM eCollection | The Content | image of cat


The Content

Within the 350 eBooks they contain purpose-built features to enhance students' reading experience which include;

  • audio support – students can hear individual words or a full page of text
  • My Words – students can add words to their personalized My Words list
  • Record – students can record themselves reading their PM eBook
  • Edit – students and teachers can edit the text
  • Draw and Add Notes – students and teachers can draw and add notes to the PM eBooks.
PM eCollection | The eReader App | image of boy and eReader app on tablet


The eReader App

The PM eCollection eReader app allows students and teachers to choose a reading profile based on the needs of learners in specific situations.

  • The Guided Reading profile disables the audio and record functionality so that distractions are minimised.
  • The Independent Reading profile enables the audio and record functionality, offering full support for students reading on their own.
  • The Custom Reading profile allows the user to enable or disable My Words and audio functionality, and show or hide the text to create opportunities for retelling and other oral literacy activities.
PM eCollection | The Website | image of website


The Website

The PM eCollection website offers teachers and administrators powerful planning, management and assessment functionality. It is here you are able to create, edit and manage:

  • student profiles
  • reading groups (both class and small groups)
  • reading sessions for guided and independent reading. Rich assessment data is stored in students' profiles. Each student profile includes:
  • the student's current PM level and reading age
  • the number of eBooks the student opened
  • the recordings the student made
  • the words the student added to My Words
  • a graph showing the student's progress over time and reading history.