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Bug Club

Bug club

A whole-school literacy programme designed to engage and excite 21st century pupils with well-known characters such as Shaun the Sheep, and Wallace and Gromit, comics and plays created by celebrated children's author Julia Donaldson. Bug Club has rigorous pedagogy, fine levelling, and assessment tools built in.

Bug Club's authors developed the programme after conducting their seven year study of "Synthetic Phonics Under the Microscope", which revealed astonishing results. 

Bug Club also joins books with an online reading world with fantastic design and cutting-edge technology.

Key Features:

  • Well known characters
  • Fiction and non-fiction titles
  • Engaging material
  • From Phonics Bug (Junior Infants) to RR level 30
  • Finely levelled book bands
  • Cross-curricular content
  • Teachers Resources including photocopy masters and running records


  • Bug Club readers
  • Phonics Bug
  • Plays - by Julia Donaldson
  • Comics for Phonics
  • Interactive eBooks and online resources*
  • Teachers resources - planning and assessment tools

For full details of resources please contact your representative or visit our Literacy Shop.

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