Essential Science - Key features

Essential Science

Junior Cycle Science

Key features

The Essential Science teaching package has been meticulously written to guide and support both students and teachers through the Junior Cycle Science syllabus.

Outstanding Authoring Team

  • Declan Kennedy, Rose Lawlor & Sean Finn
  • Specialists for new elements of the specification (Physical World, Earth and Space, Biological World, Nature of Science)
  • A unique understanding of the Junior Cycle Science course  

Teaching Guidance and Student Support

  • Explanation of the new specification
  • Chapter-by-chapter teaching guidance

Skill Building for Assessment 

  • NCCA sample exam questions with model answers
  • Recommended experiments (with video and laboratory book links)
  • Knowledge-checking strategies
  • Template for writing up class experiments

    junior science


Fully Aligned to the Curriculum

  • Standardised science tests
  • Promotes active learning and self-assessment
  • Includes literacy and numeracy features - keywords, definition boxes and graphical analysis displayed within the textbook, at the point of need.

Online Resources to Support Learning

  • Experiment Videos recommended in the textbook


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