Get Started! - Key features

Get Started!

Key features

Get Started! was created to support teachers and students in the new Junior Cycle curriculum specification and to Bring Business Studies to Life!

Brings Business Studies to life                                        

  • Debate and discussion topics
  • Real-world case studies
  • Prompts students to carry out their own research

 Teaching Guidance

  • Recommended class activities for each chapter
  • Reusable worksheet templates
  • Planning suggestions

Digital support

  • Topic PowerPoints
  • Step-through accounting activities
  • Online Solutions for numeric questions in the textbook

Clear coverage and explanation of the new syllabus 

  • Chapters linked to each specification learning objective
  • Learning outcomes 'unpacked' into manageable learning goals for students
  • Literacy & numeracy skills covered - 'jargon buster' definitions, 'Do the maths!' questions and worked examples
  • Covers new areas of Technology, Globalisation and Sustainability 

Active Learning and Self-Assessment

  • Suggestions for pair and group work
  • Chapter learning goals and checklists
  • 'Stop and think' questions within each chapter
  • 'Over to you' questions engage higher order thinking skills
  • Student Activity book reinforces knowledge and encourages deeper thought


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