Horizons - Overview


Leaving Certificate Geography

A complete programme for Leaving Certificate Geography, with a strong focus on skills development and exam preparation.

Horizons (second edition) is a complete programme for Leaving Certificate Geography, with a strong focus on skills development and exam preparation. Designed for Higher and Ordinary level students, this three book series covers the programme across the following areas:

  • Book 1: Three core units 
  • Book 2: Elective 5, Options 7 & 8
  • Book 3: Elective 4, Options 6 & 7


Key Features

  • Sylabus aligned
  • Clear and concise
  • Skills focused
  • Exam focused


for Students

  • Textbooks: Horizons 1, 2 and 3
  • Student eBook: FREE with textbook purchase


for Teachers

Interactive eBooks on folensonline

  • Complementary weblinks for each unit
  • Detailed and labelled diagrams
  • Presentations with interactive features on key topics such as earthquakes
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Multiple choice questions


Digital resources

  • Topic PowerPoints: Supply comprehensive, front-of-class revision slides for students
  • Animations: Illustrate processes and test core syllabus material knowledge
  • Videos: A selection of Channel 4 Clickbank videos
  • Differentiated worksheet PDFs: Allow mixed-ability classes practice chapter/syllabus material
  • Practice questions/exam preparation: To better prepare for exams
  • Illustrations from the textbook: Labelled and unlabelled for front-of-class discussion and testing
  • Interactivities: Teachers and student ebooks with links to the above

Trial digital resources now on FolensOnline.ie/tryHorizons

Teacher’s Resource Book (core content)

  • Chapter introduction: Presents key ideas for the topic
  • Kick-off questions: Warm up questions for students that can be asked in class
  • Keywords: Lists the keywords of the chapter
  • Additional research questions: Support further research into the topic
  • Key skills exercise: Suggestions for exercise to practice key skills related to that chapter
  • Co-operative classroom: Suggestions for pair or group work in the class
  • Reflective learner: Exercises to encourage student reflection or to develop their ideas/understanding further.
  • Integrated approach: Suggestions for how to tie the chapter topics in with other chapters in the book.
  • Sample answers: To quick questions and end-of-chapter questions

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