Make Your Mark! - Overview

Make Your Mark!

Second and Third year Junior Cycle English

Make Your Mark! is the second in a two-volume series covering the Junior Cycle English Specification and is the follow-up to the First Year book, Step Up! This book focuses on developing the skills that students will need when being assessed for the Junior Cycle Student Award (JCSA). 

The Make Your Mark! programme includes:

  • Student Textbook 
  • Student eBook 
  • Student Handbook 
  • Teacher's Resource Book
  • Teacher's Website on 
  • Teacher's memory stick with digital activites

Click to view the full video on Junior Cycle English from the authors of Make Your Mark!

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Junior Cycle English - Specification                            Junior Cycle Assessment

Junior Cycle English                                      Junior cycle English             

Rising to the Junior Cycle Challenge                          Resources to address the new specification

junior cycle english                                     Junior Cycle English

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