Planète Jeunes & Planète Ados - Overview

Planète Jeunes & Planète Ados

A detailed Junior Certificate French programme

A Junior Certificate French programme for Higher and Ordinary Level that prepares students for all elements of the exam.

Planète Jeunes & Planète Ados caters for Junior Certificate French students at Higher and Ordinary Level. It thoroughly prepares students for the written, aural and oral exams. It caters for all academic abilities. It also encourages the weaker student and challenges the more able student. This programme takes a fun approach to learning French by presenting a number of engaging activities for students to complete. Posters are available for teachers who adopt this book.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Comprehensive syllabus coverage  – to outline all key course material
  • Student-friendly – to develop language skills in an appealing manner
  • Exam focus – to develop best exam technique
  • Digital resources – to support varied classroom activities

    Student CDs Student eBook Posters


    Teacher’s CD script Digital resources on including CD tracks 




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