Active Maths 1 3rd Edition Overview

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Active Maths 1 (3rd edition) has been completely revised to cover all the essential content for the Ordinary Level course. This edition is more concise with a student-friendly layout, providing lots of exam support and guidance for CBAs.  The printed Solutions Book and editable plans along with the practical digital resources such as PowerPoints, construction animations and Geogebra activities, will save you valuable time and help engage students. 

Active Maths 1 lays the foundations for all JC students and then develops the skills needed for the Ordinary Level exam.  Active Maths 2 focuses on the knowledge needed for the Higher Level exam (3rd edition coming in 2025).  

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Active Maths 1 - Student Friendly Pitch

Student-friendly pitch

This new edition uses plain, simple, student-friendly language.  The shorter chapters are easier to cover and help students to grasp tricky concepts by splitting them into manageable chunks, building their confidence.  The questions in every exercise are carefully graded and colour-coded so that you can identify difficulty levels at a glance, and set work that suits your class best.  

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Active Maths 1 - Get Exam & CBA Ready

Get exam & CBA ready!

Active Maths 1 is the only textbook published since the new SEC exams

  • The Exam Preparation sections throughout the book feature exam-style questions to connect topics  
  • Each chapter includes revision exercises so that your students get all the exam practice they need  
  • Comprehensive guidance for stress-free CBAs including ideas for both the mathematical and statistical investigations  

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Active Maths 1 - PPTs

Practical Teacher resources

Active Maths 1 comes with a range of print and digital resources to make your life easier:

  • Printed Solutions Book 
  • Comprehensive, editable plans  
  • Every chapter comes with a choice of PowerPoints:
    • A PPT to cover key topics with worked examples
    • A PPT set for every exercise. One version has questions only, the other version includes worked solutions
  • Interactive Geogebra resources exploring geometry, algebra and statistics
  • Engaging construction animations

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Teaching package

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An expert team

Active Maths 1 is written by a successful team of teachers, examiners and authors, who understand the challenges of the mixed-ability classroom.

Authors:Michael Keating, Derek Mulvany, James O’Loughlin

Special advisors:Jim McElroy, Colin Townsend

Teaching package


Teaching package

  • Concise student textbook that covers all the essentials 
  • Printed Teacher’s Solution Book  
  • Student eBook 
  • A choice of PowerPoints, including worked solutions  
  • Practical digital resources to help engage students  

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