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Whether your school has just taken its first steps on the road to better literacy or is already on the path to school-wide immersion, we have a number of options for you!


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Looking to upgrade your schools literacy library this year? Take a look at our fantastic special offers where you can make great savings. 

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Primary Literacy Webinar: Using decodables effectively in your teaching - a view from the ground!

Watch our webinar with Karen Riordan focused on the junior end of the school as she offers advice on how to effectively use decodables in your classroom.

Karen has been teaching for the past 19 years and is a well experienced Special Education Teacher. She leads literacy interventions in her own school and enjoys delivering many literacy based workshops and webinars on early literacy acquisition. Karen loves supporting teachers through her personal blog @primarylinks and has published both a SET & SNA Yearly diary for those working in Special Education over the last number of years


Personalised Advice - Nurturing a Culture of Literacy


Looking for advice customised to your school needs? Our Literacy Specialists are here to help you!

From advice on book banding and guided reading to demonstrating best practice for conducting running records to explaining how you can get the most out of the existing books in your library, our experienced Reps will provide your school with a comprehensive level of support.

Contact your Literacy Specialist to learn how your school can nurture a culture of literacy!

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