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Folens Giving 

OpenHive Folens Giving initiative

Folens hive with OpenHive

We are partnering with OpenHive as part of our own sustainability goals by sponsoring a dedicated Folens hive. This initiative aims to help the native black bee to thrive again in Ireland. Our hive is supposed to have a population of roughly 50,000 bees by mid-summer.

OpenHive combines modern and sustainable beekeeping techniques with the traditional art of keeping bees to help the Irish black honeybee thrive and to produce high quality, local Irish honey.

All-Ireland Pollinator Plan - Folens Giving supporting

All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

We are very proud to be a business supporter of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan. One third of our bee species are under threat of extinction because of the reduction in flowers across the Irish landscape. The idea behind the plan is to create an Ireland where pollinators can survive and thrive. Companies such as ours can sign up to the plan and take steps to help for example planting bee-friendly plants and shrubs.

DCU Folens Giving


We are delighted to be working with Dublin City University to provide scholarships to four students to become Ireland’s first Deaf primary school teachers using Irish Sign Language (ISL). This means that future generations of children will have a more inclusive experience in school because they will be taught by teachers who are Deaf or hard of hearing themselves. The four students will enter their third year of the course in September 2021.   

woman reading with child

Kinia Reading Buddy Programme

Kinia brings together Camara Ireland, TechSpace and Suas to create a new education non-profit charity and social enterprise. We take part in the Reading Buddy Programme. Our team volunteer to be a “Reading Buddy” with children in a local primary school. The programme runs twice a week for 8 weeks and it helps children become more confident in their reading. “Probably the best hour for me in my week, to see the immediate and progressive improvement with the children you are paired with is hugely rewarding” Andrew Miller, Folens CEO.

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Youth Horizons

We have worked with Youth Horizons for a number of years. Youth Horizons offer early school leavers the opportunity to complete their secondary education. They also provide support and guidance to help young people achieve their true potential by working with them to aim for their brightest "Horizons".

Jersey Day event Folens Giving

GOAL’s annual Jersey Day event

We are very proud to support GOAL’s annual Jersey Day event. Every year, hundreds of schools and businesses across Ireland get their kit on for GOAL. Jersey Day is a fun, easy way to give back to communities in need.
GOAL is an international humanitarian response agency founded in Ireland over 40 years ago. The money raised on GOAL Jersey Day allows GOAL staff to respond quickly and effectively to crisis, providing life-saving support and rebuilding communities across the globe.

Citywise Education - Folens Giving

We are delighted to support Citywise Education, a charity which provides young people with after-school and out-of-school educational support. Citywise’s educational programmes raise the sights of young people, give them an enthusiasm for learning and open possibilities for further education. We are proud that our contribution enables the charity to continue providing support in helping young people to reach their full potential.