Students and parents

Students & Parents

Ukrainian Language Support Booklets

We understand it must be a very difficult time for Ukrainian children and their parents trying to cope with the upheaval in their lives and moving to a new country. To lend a small helping hand we have put together a language support booklet, that teachers can print off, to support the children in the primary and secondary classroom and facilitate better communication

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Move to Secondary school

Supporting parents with the move to secondary school

We know that the move from 6th Class to 1st year can be a challenging time for children and their parents.  We have developed a practical guide for parents to help support their children with this transition, authored by experienced counsellor and teacher Graham Richmond.  This guide is available here.


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Folens digital resources for Teachers

What we do

We produce high quality school books to help teachers deliver the curriculum in the classroom. The curriculum is devised by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA).  The NCCA has lots of useful information and resources for parents on their website.    

We also create lots of digital resources to support teachers in the classroom.  For primary, the digital activities, games, poems and songs are used on the interactive whiteboard. While for secondary subjects, the resources include PowerPoints, videos and more to help bring lessons to life. We also provide learning platforms where teachers can access the digital materials and students can access their eBooks.

Bookshare Ireland Special Education Needs

Special Educational Needs

We are very proud to partner with Bookshare Ireland, the largest accessible digital library for people with print disabilities.  If your child has a learning difficulty or physical disability that limits their ability to read standard print, you can access the formats they need through Bookshare. All the primary school books we publish are available through Bookshare, as well as our most widely used secondary school books. 

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Student eBooks

We make eBooks for most of our post-primary student textbooks. Students can access the eBooks through our FolensHIVE app, which can be downloaded to their phone or device. There is a scratch panel on the inside of our textbooks, with a unique licence code.  Students can use this code to download the eBook in our app.

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Our Podcasts

We have podcasts to go along with our latest Junior Cycle and Leaving Cert language school books. These help students practice their language skills both in and outside the classroom.

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