Deutsch Komplett leaving cert German school book from Folens

Created for mixed abilities and learning styles

  • Differentiated questions for all core language learning skills
  • Für die Prüfung Exam focus revision and self-evaluation reviews
  • Active Learning activities
  • Independent, pair work, group work, open and closed questions and self-evaluation
  • Kulturecke sections
  • Authentic literary and journalistic reading texts on contemporary topics e.g. social media and migration

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Deutsch Komplett leaving cert German school book from Folens

Effective Exam Preparation

Oral & Aural

  • Key questions and model answers covering all oral exam themes
  • Thematic Nützliche Sätze (useful phrases)
  • SEC picture sequences and role plays, with audio model answers and transcripts
  • Mock oral exam videos (for Ordinary and Higher Levels), on all oral exam themes, with accompanying worksheets and solutions

Reading & Writing

  • Exam tips, learning tips and Für die Prüfung exam focus revision exercises for each chapter
  • Three reading comprehensions per chapter
  • Practice and guidelines in key writing formats
  • Übung macht den Meister grammar exercise in every chapter
Deutsch Komplett leaving cert German digital teaching resources from Folens

Digital Teaching Resources

  • Sample answers and solutions to all reading, listening, grammatical and written exercises
  • Podcasts of audio tracks in each chapter
  • Downloadable audio scripts
  • eBook with embedded audio
Die Mündliche

Die Mündliche - Leaving Cert Oral German

Die Mündliche is the best supplementary programme on the market to help prepare for the Leaving Cert Oral exam, both at ordinary and higher level.

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Deutsch Komplett provides effective preparation for all aspects of the German Leaving Certificate exam.

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