Dive in for Junior Cycle English from Folens schools books

The bridge between Primary & Post-Primary English!

Dive In! is the ideal programme to support your 1st-year students along the journey from primary school English to second level. Written by the authors of the original, very popular Dive In! and Take the Plunge! series.

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“The Chart Your Progress Student Journal is one of the best I’ve seen. The Top Tips are very good and it includes focused advice for students that isn’t an overload of information. I like the Teacher feedback sections; the format is easy to complete and the success criteria is transparent for students. The reflection sections after the feedback sections are excellent and link in very well with JCSP statements.”

Ashleigh H. Tyndall College, Co. Carlow.

Dive in JC English teacher

A choice of planning options!

With the amazing Teacher’s Planner, you get to teach your way with the choice of two planning options – genre-based or thematic.  As well as detailed, timed class plans; coverage of the 22 learning outcomes; options for assessment and much more.

Dive in JC English student

Support for your students

The Chart Your Progress Student Journal guides students through the steps to plan, draft and produce their best work. It also gives your students the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned and how to improve.

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Specification & skills focus

All the activities in Dive In! are scaffolded with clear learning focus including:

  • Learning goals with highlighted action verbs at the start of every chapter 
  • Activities that support the three strands of Junior Cycle English
  • The PQE method (Point – Quote – Explain) originally devised by our authors, will help students answer questions accurately and with sufficient detail
Dive in CBA assessment page

Assessment and reporting

  • Reflection of learning goals at the end of each chapter
  • CBA-style questions 
  • Success criteria for every assignment in the Chart Your Progress student journal
  • Correction rubrics


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