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Let’s get down to business…

Our expert author, Gavin Duffy, has been teaching for over 17 years as well as providing additional business resources to teachers and students through his website The Business Guys.

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Expert author Gavin Duffy, from, went live to show you how Down to Business can help students achieve maximum points. 


Down to business

Maximise your students' points

Down to Business clearly shows your students how to achieve their best results. The exam focus page in every chapter demonstrates how to answer different types of exam question, with additional videos for extra clarity. The marking scheme with explanations is also included.

Down to business

Practice, Practice, Practice

The Student Learning Log guides the students in best practice for answering exam questions. It includes short and long questions with marking schemes and the appropriate answer space.

Down to Business

Digital teaching resources

  • Summary PowerPoints
  • Past exam questions
  • Video clips to demo key points from Exam Focus sections
Smart Business junior cert Business Studies school book from Folens.

Smart Business for Junior Cycle Business Studies

Created by John Taylor, author of EuroBusiness, Smart Business is the complete teaching solution for Junior Cycle Business Studies.

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