Espanol en action, 2nd edition leaving cert Spanish school book from folens

Español en Acción is a one-stop-shop for teaching Leaving Certificate Spanish that builds on seamlessly from the Junior Cycle. Teachers can cover the course with ease and won’t have to spend valuable time researching resources and materials.

Includes up-to-date, topical content from Spanish-speaking sources that will engage and encourage students to speak Spanish.

Español en Acción eBook & Digital here! 

Espanol en action, 2nd edition leaving cert Spanish school book from folens

Created for mixed abilities and learning styles

Caters fully for the needs of Spanish teachers, while also providing for multiple learning styles so students can reach their full potential.


  • Exam-style questions differentiated for mixed-ability classrooms
  • Assessment for learning built into each chapter through pair work, group work, Autoevaluación, vocabulary games and more
  • Listening and reading comprehensions aptly developed for Higher and Ordinary levels
Spanish Culture in Espanol en action leaving cert Spanish school book from folens

Cultura Española

Supports your students in developing an appreciation and understanding of the culture in Spanish-speaking countries through topical and interesting content.


  • Cultural awareness content with tips throughout
  • Includes relevant content for reading and listening comprehensions from topical Spanish-speaking publications
Exam support Espanol en action, 2nd edition leaving cert Spanish school book from folens

Effective Exam Preparation

Oral & Aural

  • New SEC role plays and sample answers with audio online
  • Mock oral exam videos covering a variety of common exam topics
  • Extensive oral individual, pair and group work in each chapter with useful phrases, vocabulary and exercises
  • Ample listening comprehensions in each chapter – with level-differentiated questions
  • Podcasts give students easy access to all aural comprehensions
  • Recorded reading comprehensions


Reading & Writing

  • All exam question types are covered and clearly signposted throughout
  • Includes Infographics to tie numeracy, literacy and comprehension together
  • Current and relevant Reading comprehensions
  • Clear grammar explanations, with extensive practice
Aprendemos junior cert Spanish school book from Folens

¡Aprendemos! for Junior Cycle Spanish

The complete teaching solution for teachers ¡Aprendemos! helps students develop the skills for learning Spanish, covering reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary, with focus on speaking and listening.

Find out more about ¡Aprendemos!

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