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L’Oral is the best supplementary programme on the market to help prepare for the Oral exam, both at ordinary and higher level. With up-to-date content that reflects current trends as well as covering all aspects of the exam.

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Maximise Results

L’Oral lists clear success criteria for the Oral and gives targeted support for understanding examiner questions. L’Oral supports students preparing their own document with vocab lists for each type of document, OL and HL sample conversations and much more.


Differentiated Vocabulary Supports

  • Picture Sequences with English translations and support for image description at Ordinary and Higher Levels
  • Role Plays with exemplar dialogues

Additional Digital Resources

  • Easy access to student Podcasts
  • Randomised oral language question bank
  • Modelled dialogues at each level
  • Audio and speaking activities e.g. board games
Tout Va Bien

Tout Va Bien! for Leaving Cert French

Tout Va Bien! provides effective preparation for all aspects of the Leaving Cert.

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