Peak Performance LC

Created by Experts

Authors: Fergal Lyons, Sarahjane Belton, Nicola Crean and Eoin Joy

Developed by the authors that brought you Active for Life for Junior Cycle.

Peak Performance has been written by PE teachers with expert insight into the new Leaving Certificate specification.

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Peak Performance LC

Complete Specification Coverage

  • Physical Assessment Project (20%) - covered
  • Performance Assessment (30%) - covered
  • Written Assessment (50%) - covered
  • Learning Outcomes listed at the start of each chapter 


Peak Performance TG & SLL

Planning & Assessment support

Our comprehensive Teacher's Guide focuses on yearly planning and helps you save time when following the specification.

Our Student Learning Log: 

  • the perfect place for students to record work before completion of their projects
Peak Performance LC

Exam focused

  • Exam-style questions help prepare students
  • Learning activities are sprinkled throughout
  • Includes a comprehensive bank of short, long and research questions
  • Case studies are included at the end of each chapter
Peak Performance LC

Keeping content contemporary

The IRFU, the GAA, Maria Sharapova, and Dick Fosbury, creator of the 'Fosbury Flop are just some of the examples used to demonstrate how certain Learning Outcomes take shape in the sporting world.

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