Peak Performance Leaving cert LC PE school book authors from Folens

Created by Experts

Authors: Fergal Lyons, Sarahjane Belton, Nicola Crean and Eoin Joy

Developed by the authors that brought you Active for Life for Junior Cycle.

Peak Performance has been written by PE teachers with expert insight into the Leaving Certificate specification.

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New Performance Assessment digital resources available now!

Peak Performance author, Fergal Lyons, has created a comprehensive set of resources to help teach weight training for the LCPE Performance Assessment:

  • 56 videos of the most popular exercises across all six weight-training categories.
  • A comprehensive self/peer assessment technique checklist for each exercise. To make it more convenient for students, there is a QR code on each checklist that links them directly to a video of a model performer executing each exercise.

These are available on FolensHIVE for all Peak Performance users.

Take a look at some sample resources


Peak Performance Leaving cert LC PE school book from Folens

Complete Specification Coverage

Peak Performance supports teachers every step of the way through the implementation of the specification

  • Physical Assessment Project (20%) - covered
  • Performance Assessment (30%) - covered
  • Written Assessment (50%) - covered
  • Learning Outcomes listed at the start of each chapter 


Peak Performance Leaving cert LC PE school book from Folens

Planning & Assessment support

Our comprehensive Teacher's Guide focuses on yearly planning and helps you save time when following the specification.

Our Student Learning Log: 

  • the perfect place for students to record work before completion of their projects
Peak Performance Leaving cert LC PE school book from Folens

Exam focused

  • Exam-style questions help prepare students
  • Learning activities are sprinkled throughout
  • Includes a comprehensive bank of short, long and research questions
  • Case studies are included at the end of each chapter
Peak Performance Leaving cert LC PE school book content from Folens

Keeping content contemporary

The IRFU, the GAA, Maria Sharapova, and Dick Fosbury, creator of the 'Fosbury Flop are just some of the examples used to demonstrate how certain Learning Outcomes take shape in the sporting world.

Author Expertise

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The Author Team 

Fergal Lyons has coordinated the CPD roll out for LCPE in a full-time capacity over the past five years.

Eoin Joy has a B.ed and M.ed in PE. He has taught examinable PE in both Australia and Ireland, and is currently part of the phase one instruction of LCPE. 

Sarahjane Belton is the leading academic in the field of LCPE at third level.

Nicola Crean is currently teaching LCPE and has taught examinable PE in Australia and New Zealand.


Webinar for PE Teachers 

Developing your LCPE Programme - Insights from Phase 1 LCPE teacher Eoin Joy

Watch our webinar for PE teachers with Eoin Joy, co-author of our hugely popular LC PE programme Peak Performance. Eoin offered advice to teachers based on his experience teaching the Leaving Certificate PE specification.

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