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Everything you need to know about the 17 Key Thinkers in one book!

Theories in Action covers all the key theorists from the specification, 17 chapters - one chapter per key thinker. Each chapter contains a short bio, and informed coverage of each thinkers' key works, ideas, and concepts.

It explains how their theories relate to the areas of human nature, government and state, society and identity, and economy and globalisation.


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Theories in Action relates key theories to contemporary issues

Relates key theories to contemporary issues

Each chapter relates key theories to contemporary issues by

  • Setting context for the theory and where it might apply in everyday situations
  • Exploring what key thinkers might say on different issues

Debate and discuss activities on key theorists and contemporary issues support a discursive classroom. What would Hobbes say about the 2020 Belarusian protests, or John Locke on Trump's refusal to concede defeat in the 2020 US Presidential Election?

Theories in Action supports discursive essay writing on 17 Key thinkers

Supports discursive essay writing

A discursive essay writing guide helps students to successfully write discursive essays that integrate theories with examples and evidence. This is a key requirement for Section C of the Higher Level paper, which counts for 50% of the paper's total marks.

A quick-reference section links topical issues and discursive-essay questions with the relevant key thinkers.


Theories in Action Exam Focus and preparation | politics and society LC short answer and discursive questions

Exam focus and preparation

  • Exam-style short answer questions
  • Exam-style discursive essay questions
  • Addresses the recommendations from the Chief Examiner on Section C of the Higher Level paper
Theories in Action author section | Gerard Elwood | Politics and Society

Written by a subject expert and examiner

Gerard Elwood teaches Leaving Certificate Politics and Society at Maynooth Post Primary School, Kildare. He studied Politics and Sociology in both his primary degree and secondary teaching qualifications. He is currently a Higher Level examiner.

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