Into Music Pupil Cover Books

Your go-to resource for primary music

  • An interactive, coherently planned music programme that is easy to use no matter what your level of expertise in music
  • Created by leading music educators and experts
  • Fun and engaging songs and listening tracks that children will love
  • Excellent digital resources that support the teaching of music literacy and composition
  • Thematic approach to music instruction
  • Makes it easy to teach musical literacy and concepts

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Into Music | Primary Music programme book covers Junior Infants - 6th Class Folens

Age-appropriate songs and listening tracks

  • 250 karaoke-style, sing-along songs across JI-6th Class, available with vocals or as just a backing tracking. Recorded at the right pitch for young singers.
  • Engaging listening tracks covering a wide variety of genres: musical; folk; film scores; traditional Irish; pop; classical and more
  • A huge range of tracks that children will love, everything from the Pirates of the Caribbean, Without (Frozen), You've Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story) ,Gruffalo, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah and Blue Suede Shoes to Jaws, Lava (Moana) and Dúlaman (plus many, many more)
  • Custom-made songs selected and recorded specifically for the age group and the unit theme


Into Music | Primary Music Programme JI - 6th Class | Folens

Into Music Components

Into Music JI-6th is an interactive, coherently planned music programme that is easy to use no matter what your level of expertise in music


  • Pupil books: Junior & Senior Infants combined book, 1st & 2nd Class combined book, 3rd& 4th Class combined book, 5th & 6th Class combined book (printable PDFs available with digital package)
  • Digital Resources: karaoke-style songs; listening tracks; animations; flashcards; quizzes and more
  • Lesson Plans: step-by-step, editable online lesson plans
Into Music | Primary Music Programme JI - 2nd Class | interactive white board digital resources | Folens

Digital resources for support and engagement

Animations, flashcards and quizzes support the teaching of solfa and musical concepts like rhythm, tempo, pitch and song composition. A spiral approach is used throughout the pupil books and digital activities to introduce children to these concepts in a gentle way, consolidating learning from class to class.

Into Music | Primary Music Programme JI - 2nd Class | Online editable lesson plans | Folens

Easy-to-use online lesson plans

  • Hundreds of step-by-step, editable, lesson plans created by expert teacher-musicians
  • Detailed plans save you time and allow you to teach in full confidence that all strands of the curriculum are being covered


Pricing & Package

Pricing: Print or Digital Package

Print Package

Digital Package

€12: price of combined pupil book

Each book covers 2 classes

€75 introductory offer – price per classroom per year. Including VAT

€100 RRP – price per classroom per year. Including VAT

What's included?* What's included?
  • Online lesson plans
  • Online lesson plans
  • Karaoke songs
  • Karaoke songs
  • Listening tracks
  • Listening tracks
  • Digital activities (animations, flashcards quizzes and more)
  • Digital activities (animations, flashcards quizzes and more)
*Complimentary upon programme adoption Pupil book pages (printable PDFs)

€6: price per pupil per year


€3: price per pupil per year with introductory offer

(based on average class size of 25 pupils)



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Author Team

Into Music | Authors | Niamh Williams - Patricia Flynn - Anne Purcell | Folens Music Programme JI-2nd Class

Author Expertise 

Niamh Williams (author of Into Music Junior & Senior Infants) has taught at St. Bridget’s National School in Castleknock, Dublin for 20 years. She is also the choir director at the school which has won the ESB Choir of the Year six times.

Patricia Flynn (author of Into Music 1st Class) is Associate Professor of music in DCU, Dublin. She is also one of the authors of The Right Note.

Anne Purcell (author of Into Music 2nd Class) is principal of St. Mary’s National School in Donnybrook, Dublin and the musical director of the National Children’s Choir. She is one of the authors of The Right Note.


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