Atlas and Atlas Hunt

The most up-to-date Atlas available

Everything you love from Philip’s Irish Primary Atlas and Atlas Hunt, now with more maps and a new focus on children’s personal geographies. Both can be used from 3rd through to 6th class providing excellent value.  

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Watch our overview video of Philip’s Irish Primary Atlas and Atlas Hunt. 

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Rich, up-to-date content 

With our atlas, children will: 

  • Explore Ireland, Europe and the wider world through physical, historic and thematic maps. 
  • Discover how maps are constructed and learn how to read and interpret them. 
  • Bring people and places to life with clear, engaging photographs. 

Atlas Hunt: 

  • Children will learn about people and places, near and far and explore their connections to them. 
  • Support for enquiry-based learning 
  • Contains engaging activities with extension tasks for further reading. 
Atlas Teacher Notes

Curriculum alignment and teacher support 

Supports the development of maps, globes and graphical skills, in addition to the wider skills and content of the geography curriculum. 

We also provide practical guidelines and curated weblinks online to support the meaningful use of the Atlas in the classroom. 

Geography Webinar for Primary Teachers 

We hosted a Geography webinar with Dr Susan Pike. Dr Pike is the expert advisor and author of our latest editions of Philip’s Irish Primary Atlas and Atlas Hunt respectively. She spoke about mapping across the school, with examples from different classes. 

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Expertise guaranteed  

Philip’s Irish Primary Atlas and Atlas Hunt bring together the expertise of Philip’s and Dr Susan Pike. Dr Pike has worked in geography teacher education at St Patrick’s Campus, DCU for the past 20 years.