Reading Zone

Children love it!

Reading Zone is loved because it is bursting with lots of stories, fiction and non-fiction, and corresponding graded activities for each class, that will delight all students.

Reading Zone

Teacher Resources

Reading Zone comes with a variety of teaching resources for each class level. Such as Big Books for Infants, character posters, oral language posters, flash cards, record sheets, yearly plans and much more. All the digital resources on are directly aligned with the content in the core reading books including the reading, grammar and comprehension lessons.

Reading Zone

Junior & Senior Infants

This holistic programme introduces children to new concepts through a variety of resources such as pre-reading activity books, core reading books, additional activity books and supplementary readers.

Reading Zone

1st & 2nd Class

The characters from Little Town reappear to help smooth the transition to independent reading. The core reading books cater for differentiation through graded exercises. The activity books contain activities that reinforce the core reading lessons. The combined reader and activity books offer self-contained stories with corresponding activities.

Kids in classroom

3rd to 6th Class

Reading Zone covers a wide variety of genres such as short stories, media articles and legends. Graded activities match the main texts. Older children can also relate to the feature extracts from popular books.