Spell It!
  • Takes a structured approach to the teaching of spellings, based on phonetic knowledge and common letter patterns.
  • Follows the ‘Look, Say, Shape, Cover, Write, Check’ method in 1st and 2nd Class.
  • High-frequency words included in every unit so that all pupils have a solid grasp of the words they are most likely to read and write.


Spell It!
  • Challenge words provide additional stretch opportunities.
  • Regular opportunities for revision.
  • Commonly misspelled words included for older classes.
Spell It!
  • Digital games for 1st to 4th class so pupils can practise spellings in a fun way.
  • Dictation sentences provided online for every unit so that children can practise writing words they have been taught in a more meaningful context.
  • Visually engaging layout.
Spell It!
  • Highly structured and consistent approach makes it easy to assign as homework. 
  • Activities covering prefixes, suffixes, contractions, homophones and compound words help children develop an understanding of the structure (morphology) of words.

Digital Resources coming soon!

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