Cambridge Reading Adventures International School Stories from Folens Literacy

International School Stories - Ideal for EAL Students 

The international school stories consist of twelve readers starting from Pink B and across all the bands. They feature stories about a group of young children who attend an international Primary school, who your readers can grow up with and relate to. 

The characters are from a range of backgrounds: Omar, Zara, Beno, Leila, and Tefo, with their teacher Miss Garcia. They start school, make friends, share experiences, and encounter all the kinds of things that children the world over can relate to. 

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Cambridge Reading Adventures Lesson Plan from Folens Literacy

Comprehensive Teacher Lesson Plans Inside Each Book

A mass of teaching and learning activities in every book! Some of the most comprehensive teacher lesson plans available on the market.


  • Strategy check is a focus on each child’s reading and decoding skills, with teaching strategies to overcome new challenges in each book.  
  • Independent reading – whether in guided reading or library reading or one-to-one, this section advises you on what to look for and how to support the pupil ‘reading solo’.  
  • Follow-up activities – re-read and produce a piece of further reading or writing work based on what they have read.  
Cambridge Reading Adventures - Teacher & Assessment Guides

Teacher and Assessment Guides Available 

  • Lots of activity sheets – supporting grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and follow-up writing skills.  

  • Supplied in digital or photocopiable format in Teaching and Assessment Guide  

Cambridge Reading Adventures - Traditional Stories - 'Sinbad and the Roc'

Traditional Stories from All Over the World 


  • Traditional stories delve into rich seams of great adventures and fables from all over the world.  
  • Top-quality illustrations bring these to life for maximum engagement.  
  • Top name authors like Geraldine McCaughrean and Ian Whybrow.  
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