Engage Literacy thematically linked readers from Folens Literacy

Thematically Linked Readers 

Engage Literacy is a comprehensive literacy programme with 314 readers that are thematically linked in fiction and non-fiction pairs to encourage a love of factual texts as well as stories. 

The series can be used with an individual child; small group; and/or an entire class, and covers a huge range of topics and text types to motivate even reluctant readers from pink to dark-red band. Engage Literacy is perfectly suited for Literacy Lift Off, guided, and independent reading in your classroom. 

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Engage Literacy Teacher's Resource book & notes, oral running record from Folens Literacy

Comprehensive Teacher Support 

These easy to use teacher books provide invaluable support for your lesson. Included in the manuals are: 


  • A literacy block model incorporating whole class and group instruction as well as lesson review and assessment 
  • Photocopiable activity worksheets 
  • Running records - essential for assessing pupils’ progress 
Engage Literacy comprehension kits including Teacher's resource book from Folens Literacy

Extensive Comprehension Resources 

These kits are perfect for independent use with precisely levelled text, questions, & 'Your Turn' activities, and encompass the best in reading comprehension strategies. They are available from levels 9-22. 

Each kit contains: 

  • 42 leveled comprehension text cards ( 6 copies of each) 
  • 9 comprehension strategy teaching cards 
  • Teacher's resource books 
  • 7 answer cards 
  • Comprehension strategy poster 
Engage Literacy Wonder Words Pack and Teacher resource

Other Components of the Series Include 

  • Audio books 
  • Big Books 
  • Oral Language big books 
  • Wonders words pack (stories which reinforce the first 100+ high-frequency words)
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