Flying Start 3

Guaranteed Success for Readers 

There are 320 books in this core literacy programme ranging from Big Books to chapter books and the unique Perspectives books for middle/upper primary. Each pupil book is one of a connected pair, written with a different text type and Key vocabulary is introduced systemically. 

Flying Start to Literacy is grounded in a systematic and specific sequence of phonemic awareness. This sequence is matched in the readers to add a context for learning.

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Flying Start to Literacy Lesson Plans & Book covers from Folens Literacy

Comprehensive Lesson Plans 

The lesson plans for each pair of books integrate oral language, vocabulary development, fluency comprehension, and phonics. All 152 lesson plans are attractive, durable, and easy to store. 

Each plan can be split into four 30-minute instructional sessions and one review session to help you prepare efficiently. Flying Start to Literacy is ideally suited to schemes like Literacy Lift Off and Reading Recovery.

Flying Start to Literacy - Vocabulary Starters resource

Vocabulary Starters 

These starters can be read as a book or displayed as a word bank to support beginner readers and writers. Each Vocabulary Starter introduces key vocabulary through labelled photographs. On the back of the photographs are suggestions for building oral, reading, and writing vocabulary, plus reading and writing activities for each book.

Flying Start to Literacy Perspectives series from Folens Literacy

Flying Start Perspectives 

Extend middle and upper-level pupils’ thinking with additional points of view on the issues introduced in the paired texts.  

Flying Start Perspectives (unique to advanced fluent stages) contain short texts in a magazine-style format and include posters, arguments, discussions, letters, and visual images. Lesson plans help teachers engage and support children in critical discussions, assist them in recognising different points of view, and then to write about it. 

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