Folens Literacy Nelson Phonics-in-a-Box approach

The Nelson Phonics-in-a-Box Approach

Nelson Phonics-in-a-Box is your complete phonics-based solution for introducing students to the letter sounds of the English alphabet in a sequential, scaffolded and purposeful way. The series supports early development of blending, segmenting and manipulating skills, and reinforces phonemic awareness.

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Nelson Phonics-in-a-Box 

Nelson Phonics-in-a-Box introduces the 26 alphabet letters (graphemes) that are used to construct the 44 common speech sounds (phonemes) that make up the English language. Box 1 focuses on the letter–sound relationships in five small collections of letters.

Nelson Phonics-in-a-Box 1 includes the following components:


  • Teacher's Resource Book
  • Alphabet Flashcards
  • One-Word Readers
  • Decodable Story Books
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