PM Guided Reading Planner

Introducing your newest teacher helper!

The PM Guided Reading Planner is a convenient, simple and streamlined digital teaching solution to enhance your guided reading lessons. The Planner is a central online platform where all teachers within a school can access supportive Teacher's Notes and Student Activities for 1000+ PM Guided Reading books from Level 1 to 30. You can download the full list of supported books below.

Irish teachers can now save valuable planning time by searching for any PM Guided Reading Teacher's Notes or Student Activities based on title, PM level, PM colour, text type, theme or favourite PM character. 


PM Guided Reading Planner | Customisable Teacher's Notes | Folens Literacy


Customisable Teacher's Notes

Download two pages of Teacher's Notes per PM title. 

All Teacher's Notes include: 

  • pre- and post-guided reading lesson planning 
  • strategies to reinforce the Balanced Reader Model, including decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension
  • engaging follow-up activities 
  • a customisable template to create specific learning intentions and success criteria. 
PM Guided Reading Planner | Student Activities | Folens Literacy


Student Activities

Download up to five Student Activities per PM title. 

All Student Activities include:

  • varied and level-appropriate activities suitable for independent learning
  • opportunities to reinforce the strategies explored in the guided reading lesson
  • a wide range of activities including vocabulary, spelling and writing activities, puzzles, and quizzes. 


Build your own 'My Lists' 

The easy-to-use My Lists feature allows teachers to:

  • save guided reading Teacher's Notes and Student Activities for the day, week or months ahead
  • prepare guided reading lessons for one or multiple groups 
  • quickly access lesson plans and follow-up activities when you need them. 
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