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SRA Reading Labatory is a structured system for teaching and developing essential reading skills, available for readers of all ages and skills levels. 

In using the programme, students are provided with lessons in decoding, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary and fluency. The programme adopts a levelled approach in that through pre-testing, a student's current literacy skills are identified and matched with appropriate colour coded, levelled reading materials. 

Along with reading text, the student is given comprehension questions and vocabulary exercises 

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SRA Kits Components

Power Builder & Key Cards - Power Builders are the heart of the programme. Each SRA Reading Laboratory has more than 100 Power Builders—four-page booklets arranged in color-coded levels that keep students challenged as they progress through the programme.

  • A high interest fiction or nonfiction reading selection with accompanying photos or illustrations
  • A comprehensive section with multi-leveled questions about the reading section
  • A Learn About Words section that includes vocab & word-study exercises

Rate Builders  - These colour-coded short timed reading sections improve fluency by helping students read faster while maintaining comprehension. Students get three minutes to read a selection and answer questions. Rate Builder Key Cards allow students to score their work, providing immediate feedback. (Labs 2 and 3 series only)

Skill Builders - These provide reinforcement in basic comprehension, phonics, grammar, and word-study skills. Students are directed to Skill Builderes to reinforce specific skills based on answers to the Power Builders (Labs 2 and 3 series only)

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Teacher's Handbook & Student Record Book

The Teacher’s Handbook provides a programme overview and teaching plans to use SRA Reading Laboratory to maximum advantage. The References and Resources section provides detailed, level-specific information about program selections, skills, and procedures for easy planning.

Student Record Books help learners independently chart their progress in an organized manner. Learners use their individual books to record their answers, correct their work, and track their scores, promoting student accountability and ownership. Each book also contains the Starter Stories used to place each learner at the appropriate level.

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Teacher's Testimonial

"We were using the Reading Laboratory S.R.A. kits in Fossa National School since the early 2000’s. But we purchased the updated kits last year and the results are remarkable . The reason we use the S.R.A. scheme is because we find that every year the one area that pupils fall down on in the standardised assessments is comprehension . The S.R.A. programme is graded by colour so all children feel confident that they are reading at a level they are comfortable with . The stories are a mix of fact and fiction and the children really enjoy them . The self correcting element of the kit encourages autonomy and builds confidence in children as they are marking their own work in a very straight forward manner . It is also a great assessment tool for teachers as the results can be checked very quickly and children can be moved to higher levels or they can complete the additional exercises provided if difficulties are detected in a particular part of the test. Our support teachers also use the kits as they can discreetly choose reading material from a lower level for struggling readers without highlighting a child’s difficulties within the peer group. We would highly recommend investing in these kits as they have proved to be the most valuable learning tool we have in the school for literacy.”

Fiona Hallissey, Fossa National School, Co. Kerry.


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