We have developed digital activities, eBooks, printouts and other resources for teachers to use alongside the Folens books they have booklisted to use in the classroom. Teachers get automatic access to these digital resources when they register on FolensOnline.  

For parents to get access, all you need to do is to register on FolensOnline as a teacher from your child’s school, using the relevant school roll number. You will then have access to the same resources that your child’s teacher has access to and can use the resources your child is familiar with from school.

School roll numbers can be found on the Department of Education website or on 

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We make eBooks to accompany our student textbooks. Students can access these eBooks through our FolensHIVE app, which can be downloaded to their phone or device. There is a scratch panel on the inside of our textbooks, with a unique licence code. Students can use this code to download the eBook in the app.

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