A fresh approach to Junior Cycle German

  • The perfect companion for students on the first phase of their language journey
  • Meets the requirements of the Common Level classroom
  • Plenty of practice exercises, with carefully planned progression to unlock language skills
  • Grammar and Vocabulary lays the groundwork for successful language learning
  • Familiarises students with all aspects of assessment
  • Abundance of authentic texts and strong cultural awareness content
  • Gefällt Mir! 2 for 2nd and 3rd year available in 2023

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Practice and progress

  • Vibrant layout with clearly signposted exercises
  • Comprehensive listening, reading, writing and oral practice in every unit
  • Vorbereitung pre-reading strategies develop reading comprehension skills
  • Short Blitzschnell activities encourage students to give their oral communication skills a try
  • Wiederholungsübungen sections revise key topics at the end of every chapter

Grammar and Vocabulary integration

  • Student-friendly grammar sections in every unit
  • Strong emphasis on vocabulary development, including a Merkblatt section to revise vocabulary
  • Sentence builders and spoken interaction activities develop student confidence and fluency

Assessment Focus

  • Listening and reading activities reflect the style of SEC exam questions
  • Grammar questions follow the style of the SEC exam
  • The Oral Communication unit in the textbook gives students a gentle introduction to CBA1
  • Mini-CBA exercises in the Student Portfolio encourage students to write and record their work
  • Mini Assessment Task questions develop students’ use of reflective language

Authentic Texts

Aktuell sections immerse students in the German language with current, teen-relevant articles, brochures and infographics to strengthen language awareness.

Cultural Awareness

Immerse students in the diversity of German-speaking countries. Landeskunde features and articles describe German-speaking cultures and traditions and to help develop students’ socio-cultural knowledge and intercultural awareness.

How it works


The Gefällt Mir! programme package:

  • Student Textbook with themed units, engaging design and carefully planned progression
  • Student Portfolio where students can complete scaffolded language tasks, create an ePortfolio in preparation for CBAs and evaluate and reflect on their learning
  • Teacher's Guide with comprehensive plans and resources
  • Digital Resources that will enhance teaching and learning
€27.50 RRP

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Check out our short overview video about Gefällt Mir!  

Author Expertise


Author Expertise

Medb Farrell teaches German and Irish at Coláiste Pobail Setanta, Dublin, where she is also Head of the German department. She is a native German speaker and an experienced examiner at both Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle levels. Medb has also worked as Junior Cycle coordinator in her school and is a facilitator for the National Induction Programme for Teachers (NIPT).

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Webinar for German Teachers: Tackling the new JC German exam

In this webinar, Medb Farrell experienced SEC examiner and teacher, and author of Gefällt Mir! offered clarity and advice for German teachers facing the new Junior Cycle German exam whilst sharing insights and tips into teaching key aspects of the specification.


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