Guiding success in English and Communications

LCA Today is the essential guide to the new English and Communications course. It includes everything you need to cover the core areas of work with your students:

  • Key Assignments
  • The Reflective Journal
  • Oral Examination
  • Written Examination

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Key Assignments

The Key Assignments section helps students to successfully track and complete key assignments for each course module. It keeps work organised and helps students to achieve all four credits.


Reflective Journal

The Reflective Journal supports ongoing reflection, which is a huge part of the new course.


Oral Examination

The Oral Examination Preparation section includes scaffolding, vocabulary building and sample questions to prepare students for a stress-free oral examination.

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Written Examination

The Written Examination section includes sample questions to help students to familiarise themselves with the exam paper. Questions are based on the 2022 SEC sample paper.

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First-rate PowerPoint lessons

Editable PowerPoints cover all the key topics, which you can easily deliver in class.

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Teaching package


Teaching package:

  • Student textbook that will guide and help students to complete all the important work for the course
  • Comprehensive, editable schemes of work to help you cover the course
  • Editable PowerPoints that cover all the key topics
  • Student eBook

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