Guiding success in Social Education

LCA Today provides you with all the support you need for an active, rewarding Social Education experience with your students. It is divided into three sections that guide student work in the three core areas:

  • Key Assignments
  • Contemporary Issues Task
  • Exam Preparation 

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Key Assignments

The Key Assignments section provides an easy-to-follow practical guide to successfully track and complete key assignments for each module. This section helps students to keep their materials organised and achieve their credits.

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Contemporary Issues Task

The Contemporary Issues Task section helps students to successfully select their contemporary issue, to complete their presentation and full portfolio, and to prepare for their task interview.

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Exam Preparation

The Exam Preparation section includes a bank of module-grouped short and long questions from past examination papers, which will help students to familiarise themselves with the written aspects of the exam. It also includes aural tests from past papers.

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First-rate content that saves you time!

Editable PowerPoints cover all the key topics from Social Education, which teachers can deliver in class.


Teaching package


Teaching package

  • Student textbook that will guide and help students to complete all the important work for the course
  • Comprehensive, editable schemes of work to help you cover both years of the LCA course
  • Editable PowerPoints that cover all the key topics from Social Education
  • Student eBook

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