Why teachers should choose Legacy:

  • The most effective programme for exam preparation
  • A concise, chronological and interwoven approach to JC History
  • Includes a Skills book like no other that is completely aligned to the exam
  • A keen evidence and source-work focus
  • CBA focus to help students succeed 
  • Supports teachers to cover the course within the timeframe
  • Extensive practice and revision throughout
  • A broad range of differentiated material supports you in the Common Level classroom

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Get students CBA and exam ready!

  • A dedicated CBA chapter in the textbook helps students to familiarise themselves with and prepare for the Assessment
  • A Skills Book like no other that is the best match to the exam
  • Research and Reflect questions in the Skills Book further prepare students for the requirements of the CBAs

Teach the specification with ease

  • Structure reflects the chronology of the learning outcomes and supports you to successfully cover the course within the time available
  • Key elements such as the use of timelines and source materials to teach learning outcomes are presented consistently throughout each chapter
  • Clear, concise and simple language makes it perfectly pitched for the mixed-ability, Common Level classroom
  • The eye-catching and modern style will engage students and make teaching more interesting


Historical Perspective

  • Thinking Historically sections encourage students to examine past events in a historically conscious way 
  • Commemoration feature asks how and why we remember key historical events
  • Hands on History encourages students to research events
  • Would You Believe gives students a broader context to events and helps develop historical empathy


Plenty of Practice

  • Key Points Revision and Revision Questions at the end of each chapter are perfect for exam preparation
  • Examine the Evidence boxes consistently encourage students to question their sources
  • Check Your Progress boxes in each chapter provide opportunities for class discussions 
  • Our Skills Book is designed for practice, revision and exam preparation
    • Extensive use of primary and secondary sources in the exam-style questions
    • Further source material strengthens students’ understanding of interrogating sources
    • Skills-based questions with an exam focus develop skills and help make students exam-ready
    • Focus on practising and reinforcing knowledge of key topics and skills


Superb blend of content & source-based material

  • Includes a bank of PowerPoints to save you time putting lessons together
  • Differentiated Digital Resources encourage further investigation for more adventurous students
  • Includes comprehensive support and direction for students for the CBAs and the Assessment Task
  • Case studies provide an important real-world context to what students learn
  • Students are encouraged to engage in further research so teachers can choose the depth at which to cover topics depending on the class’s ability


How it works


The Legacy programme package:

  • Student textbook with a concise chronological approach and engaging design
  • Skills Book that includes exam-style practice questions and is designed to develop essential skills
  • Teacher's Guide with extensive plans and resources
  • Digital Resources that will enhance teaching and learning

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Author Team


Author Team

Legacy has been written by a team of experienced History teachers who are heavily involved in History teacher professional development, having worked with, and presented regularly for, the HTAI. A team with new ideas to help make History come alive in the classroom (Aindriú Mac an Rí, Mark Power and Marie-Claire Tuite).


Webinar for History Teachers: Historical Skills for Research and Assessment

Aindriú Mac an Rí, Mark Power and Marie-Claire Tuite provide teachers with invaluable advice on historical skills for research and assessment for Junior Cycle History in this webinar.


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