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Making it easier than ever to teach the PLC

  • Abair Liom 2nd Edition offers the perfect balance of print, digital and hands-on resources in one easy-to-use package
  • Ignite a love of Irish with colourful characters in contemporary settings
  • Bring Irish to life with interactive posters, animated comhráite, vocabulary games and more
  • Complete curriculum coverage and extensive support for oral language, reading and writing
  • Step-by-step plans with detailed guidance for the tréimhsí of every lesson
  • Coming soon! Léigh Liom Irish levelled reading programme to accompany Abair Liom

Check out the Abair Liom, 2nd Edition Books, Plans and Digital Resources


Abair Liom 2nd Edition Irish - Overview of programme Junior Infants - Second Class | Folens

Overview of Abair Liom JI - 2nd Class

Learn about the components that make up Abair Liom, 2nd Edition (Digiteach; Prionta; Praiticiúil; Ábhar an Mhúinteora) and see a detailed breakdown of what each of the four pupil books cover throughout the school year.

Overview Abair Liom A - Junior Infants

Overview Abair Liom B - Senior Infants

Overview Abair Liom 1 - 1st Class

Overview Abair Liom 2 - 2nd Class



Abair Liom 2nd Edition Irish - What's New in the programme Folens

What's new with Abair Liom?

  • Revised structure: two units per month for deeper coverage, with in-built revision and Gaeilge neamhfhoirmiúil clearly defined for each unit
  • Better thematic alignment: closer alignment of themes across Junior Infants 2nd Class for ease of spiralling and to support multigrade classes
  • Enhanced planning: editable fortnightly plans with two focus learning outcomes per strand, additional support for grammar and phonics, and plans now available in both Irish and English
  • Big Books for Infants: ideal for shared reading to develop comprehension and support the transfer of skills from English to Irish - purchased separately
  • Structured phonics scheme: systematic phonics development from phonological awareness in Infants to methodical coverage of letter sounds in 1st & 2nd Class
  • Support for parents: key phrases in Irish and English in each pupil book with pronunciations available online

Watch Videos

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Check out our short overview video on what's new in Abair Liom!

Abair Liom 2nd Edition | Primary Irish programme | Digital activities_comhra_vocab_games JI - 2nd Class | Folens

Engaging digital resources

Even better digital activities to spark conversation, practise vocabulary and listening, and inject fun into learning Irish. From animated comhráite and póstaeir to poems, songs and vocabulary games.

New digital:

  • Cleachtadh flashcards to re-enforce the basics of Irish at every opportunity
  • Phonics flashcards and games to support systematic phonics learnings as Gaeilge for 1st & 2nd Class
  • Parents section with audio for the key words and phrases children are learning
Abair Liom 2nd Edition Irish - Comprehensive Planning - Teacher Handbooks -Folens

The most comprehensive planning available

Our comprehensive Teacher Handbooks include everything to teach Irish from whole school frameworks to editable fortnightly plans and step-by-step unit plans with guidance on differentiation and assessment.

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See why educator & author Daire Mac Pháidín believes Abair Liom, 2nd Edition makes it even easier to teach the PLC!

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Primary Irish Webinar: Making it easier than ever to teach the Primary Language Curriculum

Watch this webinar with experienced teacher, Jenny Kavanagh, to get the inside track on all the new additions to Abair Liom including Big Books for infants, Levelled Readers, and support for parents. Learn why Abair Liom 2nd Edition makes it easier than ever to teach the PLC!

Abair Liom

Abair Liom 1st Edition 3rd - 6th Class

Abair Liom 1st Edition has everything you need to successfully teach the curriculum, including engaging books, excellent hands-on and digital resources, and comprehensive lesson plans.

Learn more about Abair Liom 1st Edition 3rd-6th Class

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