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Our digital learning platform

We develop eBooks and digital resources to go alongside all our programmes. Depending on the book the teaching package may include videos, PowerPoints, lesson plans, solutions and podcasts. All this wonderful content is available on FolensHIVE

Offline access to eBooks and resources available now. 

FolensHIVE has won the silver award for Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology from the Brandon Hall Group in 2021.

How to access FolensHIVE?

  1. If you have booklisted a Folens school book, you get access to the complimentary resources by registering with FolensHIVE 
  2. To get offline access to eBooks and resources, download the FolensHIVE app from the relevant app store on your device 
  3. Login to the app with your FolensHIVE email address and password 
  4. The programmes will appear in your library 
  5. Select your programme and click on the download button beside the eBook or resource to access the resource offline 

Register or Log in to FolensHIVE

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How to get the most out of FolensHIVE

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Homework Space Junior Cycle Irish folens readymade homework

"Winning Wellbeing empowers students to take care of their wellbeing and build on life skills to help them navigate the teenage years. It is also a very pro teacher resource that understands how busy teachers are and helps make their life much easier with its easy to follow practical content."

Michael Carey, SEN and Wellbeing teacher
Winning Wellbeing teacher testimonial

"Winning Wellbeing is a superb resource. As a text, it is stylishly presented and easy to navigate. Most importantly though, it offers learners a comprehensive and accessible exploration of key concepts. This is a valuable tool for both teachers and students alike as Wellbeing is embedded in schools." 

Daniel Kirby, Deputy Principal