The complete package

Written by an expert team of authors, you can be confident the Active Maths series fulfils all requirements of the specification.

Save time with printed solutions books and engaging digital teaching resources including worked solutions, planning supports, assessment information, examples of units of work, video demonstrations, GeoGebra activities, topic PowerPoints and more.

Active Maths, 2nd editions enhanced content and supports for assessment enables your students to achieve their personal best.


Junior Cycle Ordinary Level

Meeting the requirements of the specification, Active Maths 1 lists relevant learning outcomes by chapter and delivers the Unifying Strand with cross-strand questions.

The Student Learning Log provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning and also gives an additional bank of questions - catering for the mixed ability classroom.

A printed Teacher’s Solutions Book acts as a quick check for teachers and contains information on planning and assessments including CBA’s. Plus, the digital teaching resources available saves you even more time.


Junior Cycle Higher Level

Active Maths 2 gives focus to conceptual understandings, procedural fluency, strategic competence, adaptive reasoning and productive disposition.

3-year planning for OL and HL courses and examples of units of work are included in the printed Teacher’s Solutions Book and digital teaching resources include chapter summary and topic PowerPoints and GeoGebra activities.

The Student Learning Log includes past exam questions and provides a complete record of work and evidence of self-reflection.


Leaving Cert Ordinary Level

Active Maths 3 is the best match to the curriculum with resources including differentiated content, learning outcomes, worked examples and exam practice to help your students achieve their best LC result.

Bring maths lessons to life with engaging digital resources and save time with the printed Teacher’s Solutions Book.


Leaving Cert Higher Level

Active Maths 4 is a two-part, innovative solution to empowering good students to achieve great results with real-life examples, context questions, exam-focused questions, chapter revision exercises and worked solutions.

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Learn more about Active Maths 2 for Higher Level Junior Cycle

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Learn more about Active Maths 1 for Ordinary Level Junior Cycle

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Oliver Murphy, one of the authors of Active Maths 3, 2nd edition describes the features of our Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level programme.

Homework Space Junior Cycle Maths folens readymade homework

Have you heard about Homework Space?

Homework Space is our new digital product, which includes ready-made assignments. The teacher sets the homework and the system automatically marks each students’ answers. Saving teachers, a huge amount of valuable time! Homework Space is available across a number of Junior Cycle subjects, including Maths.

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