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  • Written by experienced expert author team Peter Lydon and Tara Fitzharris
  • Revised for the requirements of the Common Level specification
  • Includes a range of exciting updates, based on feedback and reviews from practicing teachers 
  • Brand-new structure and layout with an eye-catching design 
  • Extensive practice and revision throughout
  • Explains the ‘Big Ideas’ and helps create context for students
  • CBA and Exam focus to help students succeed 

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A clear, engaging approach

  • Concise and simple language
  • Chapters are divided by learning goals, making them easy to follow, easy to teach and easy to learn
  • Eye-catching page layouts, designed to engage students with every topic
  • Easy-reference chapters on maps and aerial photographs
  • Revised structure with an integrated progression of topics and learning outcomes

Get CBA Ready!

CBA Warm-Up activities build familiarity with Classroom-Based Assessment and give students the framework to complete CBA1 and CBA2 successfully.

Explains the ‘Big Ideas’

  • Explains key concepts and why students are learning different topics
  • Case studies give an important real-world context to the content



Extensive practice and revision 

  • Rapid Revision sections at the end of each chapter provide for focused study and revision
  • Quick Quizzes support regular retrieval practice and in-class discussion
  • Exercises that encourage active learning, pair and group work
  • Assessment Activities in every chapter allow for classroom differentiation
  • A brand-new Skills Book with skills-based, exam-style questions
  • The Learn+ feature includes ideas for further research and project work

Exam focus

  • Exam Expert sections and exam tips are written in response to the SEC sample paper and will familiarise students with what to expect in the exam
  • Questions in the Skills Book reflect styles of questions in the sample paper
  • Paragraph-style questions in the Skills Book provide scaffolded practice for longer exam questions

How it works


The Real World Geography, 2nd Edition programme package:

  • Student textbook with a revised structure, engaging design, CBA support and exam focus
  • Skills Book with a rich mix of skills-based questions and regular opportunities for student reflection and teacher feedback
  • Teacher's Guide with extensive plans and resources
  • Digital Resources that will enhance teaching and learning
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Author Team

Theories in Action author section | Gerard Elwood | Politics and Society

Author Expertise

Peter Lydon is a Geography teacher at Wesley College in Dublin. He regularly delivers training for Leaving Certificate and Junior Cycle Geography and is President of the Association of Geography Teachers of Ireland (AGTI). 

Tara Fitzharris teaches Geography in St Mary’s Academy CBS, Carlow. She has worked as an associate with the JCT and as a content editor for scoilnet.ie. Tara is also the author of our popular Leaving Certificate publication, Horizons.

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Webinar for Geography Teachers: Examining the sample JC examination paper

In this webinar, Peter Lydon discusses the Junior Cycle sample examination paper. Peter examines:

  • The changes between the Junior Certificate examination and the sample Junior Cycle paper as presented
  • Style of questions
  • Approaches to answering questions

Peter Lydon is President of the Association of Geography Teachers of Ireland and co-author of Real World Geography 2nd Edition.

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