Tous Ensemble!

Now giving you choice and flexibility!

We are delighted to offer you a new choice for Tous Ensemble !, now with the option of a one-book or two-book approach for Junior Cycle French. Both approaches give you all the support you need for the mixed-ability classroom, and prepare students for all aspects of assessment. With Cours Complet, specific content is available online or in the Portfolio Book.

Check out the Tous Ensemble ! books and digital resources


Comprehensive Scaffolding

  • Sentence builders in the textbook with suggested activities in the Teacher’s Guide.
  • Support for pre-teaching vocabulary, including digital vocabulary posters and Bingo games (Book 1)
  • Digital monologues with worksheets model production (Book 1)
  • Scaffolded oral exercises and pronunciation guides
  • Tâches clés and Portfolio activities with clear, sequenced success criteria
  • Regular opportunities for pair and group work


  • Colour-coded differentiated revision exercises at the end of each unit
  • Défi activities for added challenge
  • Opportunities for collaborative learning
  • Opportunities to use digital tools to support engagement

Extensive Practice and Revision

  • Vocabulary and grammar revision activities and grammar PowerPoints
  • Additional speaking activities in the Teacher’s Guide
  • Editable end-of-unit tests
  • Tâches clés incorporate language from previous topics
  • Dedicated Devoirs section in each unit
  • Dedicated J’écoute bien section (Book 2)

Unrivalled Assessment support

  • Fully aligned to the most recent exam paper
  • Oral communication videos
  • Dedicated Oral communication chapter in Book 1
  • Dedicated Assessment chapter in Book 2 with a detailed exam walkthrough
  • Two CBA-style activities in every unit
  • Assessment task support to get students comfortable with the language of reflection

Cultural Awareness

Magazine-style features showcase the diversity of French and Francophone culture. Students are immersed in the language with accessible, topical, authentic texts and activities to promote student engagement.

How it works


The Tous Ensemble ! programme includes:

  • Student Textbook with an engaging design and thematic approach that integrates the five key language skills, authentic texts and carefully planned progression
  • Student Portfolio where students can complete scaffolded language tasks, create an ePortfolio in preparation for classroom-based assessment, and evaluate and reflect on their learning
  • Teacher’s Guide with comprehensive year plans, guidelines to methodologies used in the textbook, and other useful resources
  • Digital Resources featuring activities, games and videos that will enhance teaching and learning experiences in the classroom

Check out our short overviews of how Tous Ensemble ! works:

Tous Ensemble ! 1

Tous Ensemble ! 2 

Tous Ensemble and Gefallt Mir learning outcomes

Is your department planning for both French and German?

The planning resources for Tous Ensemble ! 1 and Gefällt Mir! 1 are designed to support you to teach Junior Cycle French and German your way. The Learning Outcomes in focus in the Tous Ensemble ! 1 and Gefällt Mir! 1 Schemes of Work appear in the PDF below. Overlapping outcomes are listed in bold.

Learning Outcomes



Watch Videos

Webinar for French Teachers: Strategies to Help Students Learn Vocabulary 

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Author Expertise


Author Expertise

Dervla Murphy is one of Ireland’s leading French authors, teacher trainers, and examiners. She is author of the popular Leaving Certificate programme, Tout va Bien. She teaches at Loreto High School Beaufort in Dublin.

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Sentence Builders

Tous Ensemble Junior Cycle Sentence Builder

Sentence Builders

Check out our Sentence Builders that could align with the topic you're currently teaching with your classes.

For 1st years: Unit 8: Bon Appétit !

For 2nd years: Unit 4: Mon week-end 

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