Folens Explorers SESE books for primary

Everything you need to teach SESE!

Folens Explorers uses a thematic approach to bring together your history, geography and science lessons. Explorers also has the right focus on skills development and hands-on learning.  As well as the ideal combination of engaging, age-appropriate and robust content to help you deliver dynamic lessons.  

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Explorers video on iPad

Excellent Digital Resources!

  • 36 videos across 1st – 6th Class (6 videos per class across history, geography and science)
  • The videos will provide engaging and informative overviews of key topics in the Explorers series, focusing on the ‘big ideas’ of each

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What’s on offer for each subject

Explorers provides everything you need to deliver a broad and balanced history, geography and science curriculum. Content is robust and easy to follow, broken down into key points, with a clear introduction and conclusion in each unit to explain what is covered and why. Skills tasks throughout each unit provide regular, in-context skills practice and support active reading.

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JI-2nd Class

Folens Explorers SESE books Junior Infants-2nd class

Thematic Approach for JI-2nd Class

Explorers for Junior Infants–2nd Class is built around 10 themes. History, Geography and Science are covered in each theme, allowing you to teach in a more integrated way. The same themes are revisited each year so that learning is spiralled with ease. 

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3rd-6th Class

Explorers book covers JI-6th Class

Skills-focused Approach for 3rd-6th Class

Explorers covers both the skills and strands of the curriculum in an engaging way. There are opportunities in every lesson for children to work as historians, geographers and scientists. This includes two skills activities at the end of each unit, as well as step-by-step science investigations and scaffolded ‘Design and Make’ projects. 

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Explorers is really developing the wonder and awe in those little historians, geographers and scientists.”

Aoife Doyle, Teacher & Explorers Author chats about JI-2nd Class

“Explorers delivers robust content so children can develop a strong foundation in SESE.”

Aoife McGrath, Teacher & Explorers Author chats about 3rd-6th Class
Explorers teachers plan on laptop

Fantastic Teacher Resources to save you time

Explorers teacher resources include comprehensive, editable plans, packed with fresh ideas for hands-on activities, using easy-to-source materials. They also provide support for differentiation and assessment in SESE.  

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