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The Blueberry Hill storybooks have a unique emphasis on character development and comprehension. Children get to know and love recurring characters, such as Fluffy and Charlie, as they meet them in each new story.

Careful attention was paid to the criteria for each book level: the ratio of new words to familiar words, sentence length and complexity, the number of words per book and the relationship between the text and the illustrations. When read in sequence the Blueberry Hill storybooks ensure consistent repetition of new learning within each level and function as a bridge to each new level. 

Readers are written by Pat Harrison, a trained Reading Recovery teacher who also provides workshops in Canada. Some titles are set in Ireland, including one written by the children of Scoil Eoin in Roscrea "Clever Patrick and the Golden Grove Leprechaun".

Each storybook contains a mini-lesson plan and CD's are are available for further resources.

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