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Essential Science

Junior Cycle Science

Student TextbookScience eBook Free                                                                                   Essential Science

  • Teaching objectives and learning outcomes clearly stated
  • End-of-chapter questions support self-assessment
  • Regular workbook links allow students to assess their knowledge and understanding
  • Stimulating experiments (with video and lab book links) to develop practical laboratory skills
  • Sample NCCA assessment questions with model answers included in all strands
  • Strong emphasis on data analysis skills, including drawing and interpretation of graphs
  • Extensive coverage of the scientific method for carrying out investigations and the role of science in society
  • Keywords, definition boxes and ‘Do the maths!’ questions

Student Online Resources Science Experiment Videos


Student Workbook

Science Junior

  • A wide range of questions to reinforce students’ knowledge and understanding
  • A range of question types including calculation practice and higher-order thinking questions
  • Linked to Textbook chapters 
  • Can be used independently for homework assignment or in-class exercise

Student Laboratory Notebook

Science lab book

  • Facilitates the development of laboratory practical skills
  • Experiments linked to online videos to aid understanding and demonstrate practical lab techniques
  • Ready-made templates assist students to write up all experiments and investigations
  • Facilitates the recording of class experiments for review and evaluation 
  • Clear methodology for scientific investigations – best practice when reporting and analysing findings
  • Individual and group work
  • Encourages inquiry-based learning and collaboration


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